In-Line DuoMaxx - Test Handler

The Big System for those who want more!

100 % Automated Fixture Change
1.5 N x 8000 Test Points
ICT FCT EOL Integration
High Productivity
High Quality
Great ROI

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Technical Feature:

Fixtures in Operation 2x
Max. Test Points 8000 pcs. x 1.5 N
PCB size min. 70 x 70 mm [2.755 in x 2.755 in]
max. 450 x 450 mm [17.716 in x 17.716 in]
Max. PCB number during one Test cycle 2x
Direction 2
PCB Thickness 0.4 mm - 4.0 mm
PCB max. weight 4 kg [141.096 oz]
Max. Component Height 35 mm [1.377 in]
Dual - Stage Ready
Any Tester & Any Existing Fixture Ready

Quick 5 In-Line Handler

One Fixture for Offline and Inline. Buy once use twice!

Quick5 In-Line Handler provides Small Footprint, High-Speed and No Extra Fixture Cost, as existing fixtures of MFS - D3 Series can be used on this handler!
Ensuring 15-40% Savings compared to other traditional handler platforms. So if you use our TRIO Offline ICT Tester with MFS-D3 Fixture Kits just need to move your existing exchangeable Kit into this Handler and can increase your output to 3- 5x more compared to traditional offline testing method!
With no Extra Fixture cost!
More advantages: Latest Technology. No PLC so no Annual License Fee
Dual Stage option
800 Test Points
PXI, LXI, VXI welcomed
Integration w Functional or ICT Testers.

Main advantages of this Quick5 – Test Handler:
Fixture type suitable for Offline TRIO ICT + FCT System and for Quick5 handler for inline ICT+FCT
Suitable up to 800 Test Points
Internal Controller
Cheap Price
Quick Delivery
High Precisity during contacting
High Stability due to mechanical solutions in guiding system

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ROI (Return of Investment):
This entry level investment pays back within 1 year for most of our customers, depending on volume and value of products going to be tested.

When choosing this solution, our customers can start with offline TRIO Test Systems, which we deliver from stock and later using same exact fixture can just upgrade onto inline tester Quick5, without need to invest into new test fixture again.

This system is designed to fit for Start-Up companies and companies who have small volume manufacturing, but in case of quick ramp-up no need to take long time and high investment as that with traditional inline systems. Upgrade time from small volume entry level offline onto high volume inline can be as short as 10 weeks (depending on customer expectations).

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Technical Feature:

PCB Width 50 - 230 mm [1.968 - 9.055 in]
PCB Depth 50 - 231 mm [1.968 - 9.094 in]
PCB Thickness 0.40 - 4 mm [0.016 - 0.157 in]
Top Side Clearance Max. 51 mm [2.007 in]
Bottom Side Clearance Max. 20 mm [0.787 in]
Product Weight Maximum 2.6kg [4.630 lbs]
Max. Test Points 512 pcs. x 1.5 N
Max. PCB number during one Test cycle 1x
Transport Direction Left -> Right, Right -> Left - selectable by Software
Dual - Stage Ready
Drive Force 4500 N (pneumatical)
Dimension(W x D X H) 600 x 842 x 1700 mm [23.622 x 33.150 x 66.930 in] + Light Tower
Transport Height 920 - 980 mm [36.220 - 38.582 in]
Control Equip-Test Microcontroller Based Control SW - No PLC / No annual Licence Fee!
Communication SMEMA

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